Sectus Snarry Fans Unite!

Spreading the Snarry Love all over London

Snarry lovers at Sectus!
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This community has been put together by elanor_isolda and lizardspots for any Snarry shippers who want to meet up at Sectus 2007 in London.

Membership is open to all. Once you join, please post an intro to the community using the following template:

Are you a writer, an artist or a reader/viewer? (or all of the above!):
What's your favourite Snarry fic?
And your favourite piece of Snarry artwork?
Why does Snarry appeal to you?
Finally, tell us something random about yourself:

The Snarry meetup at Sectus is provisionally scheduled for 8pm on Thursday evening, so that we'll all get a chance to meet early on in the con. The location will be decided closer to the time, and obviously the time may change depending on how the timetable works out, so keep an eye on the community for announcements.

If you've not yet registered for Sectus, DO SO NOW!. The price increases as we get closer to the event, and places are strictly limited.

If you want to keep an eye on Sectus news, there's sectus_ltd for official announcements and sectus_chat for discussion.

Feel free to make any suggestions for how we can spread the Snarry love at Sectus, and have fun *g*

And if you love Harry/Draco, check out our affiliate sectus_hd!